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IQ In Concert at The Borderij Zoetemeer 22/2/02

Made the long trip over to see the lads, and it was well worth it. The show was one of the best I have seen IQ perform for a long time. Those smelly hippies The Lens opened and blamed IQ for song stealing. I might add too, if you do not have The Lens CD, then you are missing out big time!

Now, IQ in Holland, great crowd, nice beer what more can you ask for? Awake and Nervous was the first track, and it was well received, just as The 1000 Days, which came next. The material from The Seventh House gets better every time it is played, and the title track and the Wrong Side Of Weird seemed to go down very well. Now for me, The Last Human Gateway is a classic song, and when it closed the set it took the roof off this great venue. The lads were on top form tonight, and with a sell out crowd (the other dates were 60% sold out too!) it had us thinking they should be playing bigger venues. Among the encores we had the all time prog (prog? – Ed) classic `Crazy Horses`, which everyone was bouncing up and down to.

To sum up this great night, you cannot put into many words, but for me just superb and I hope there are many more to come!

Danny Mayo


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