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IQ In Concert At The Met, Bury 3rd November 2001

IQ’s first gig for a long time was met with a capacity crowd, and turned out to be a great evenings entertainment.  Opening with Widows Peak, I think the crowd knew they were in for a treat. The band mixed the set with old and new songs, ranging from Awake And Nervous from the Tales album, to material from the Seventh House, the last album. There was an outing for The Wrong Side Of Weird which, as Peter Nicholls said, was the first time the band had played it live and it was well received.

In fact from the last album, Shooting Angels was the only track not to be played.  No Love Lost was another song that got the crowd going, and when Headlong was played, well, they were ecstatic!  I feel The Wake is the IQ album that the fans love the most and they performed the title track late on in the set. The Narrow Margin and Subterranea from, of course, Subterranea were in my opinion the highlights of the set.  Complete with video background, we even saw Monty Python during the show, which was a bonus. The Seventh House will be in years to come, be appreciated as an all time classic.  For current IQ fans, just one year on, it already has the feel of classic all over it.

Peter mentioned that the voting for fans’ all time favourite IQ songs was underway on the web site, and the band is a little surprised on how the voting is going.  I will have to bomb the page about 20,000,000 to get them to play Hollow Afternoon for the Astoria show on December 15th!

So, after the final encore, White Punks On Dope, it shows the band can still entertain us with comedy, and play the old faves too!  With 20 years under their belts, many bands have lost their virve.  Not so IQ - there can be no mistake they will be around for years to come.  The crowd even played ‘spot the mistake’ in which John Jowitt ended up giving everyone their money back! Only joking, but that’s the type of band IQ are, entertainers to the very end.

Danny Mayo


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