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IQ - IQ20 The Archive Collection 001

IQ - IQ20 The Archive Collection 001Just 2000 copies of this release are available, so if you want one, get one now!  This official bootleg was recorded in Germany in Aschaffenburg last year on the bands 20th anniversary tour, and it captures IQ at their very live best!  Two CD's in the package, and from the Harry Potter intro music, the band goes straight into Awake And Nervous.  Keeping the older material theme alive, the next two are from the Wake album, The Thousand Days and The Magic Roundabout.

Bringing us up to date next, is The Wrong Side Of Weird from the last album The Seventh House, and the aforementioned title closes the first disc. 

This is a good raw example on how the band sound at the shows, and this release is essential listening for any IQ fan, and a nice choice for someone who hasn't heard IQ before.

Opening disc two, is the middle section of The Narrow Margin.  An early career song appears next, namely Just Changing Hands.  Up to date again is Guiding Light, and then the classic The Last Human Gateway gets a welcomed airing.

Closing this nicely constructed set, is Subterranea, and for £15 this is well worth it.  As I mentioned before, it is a raw recording, but don't let that put you off; it is a nice package to own, and is the bones of the band.

We are told that there are to be many more live recordings to appear.  Hope the Live Aid one from 1985 is next (hint hint!).

Danny Mayo             



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