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Inside Out 10th Anniversary Tour, Spock's Beard, Enchant, Californian Guitar Trio, London Mean Fiddler UK, 22nd October 2003

Well, three bands from Inside Out made it to our shores, and put on a totally amazing show!  The Californian Guitar Trio got things moving, and played a well-presented set featuring a encore with Enchant's Ted Leonard and the Spocks' Nick D'vigilo performing a cracking version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.  The vocals were excellent on this, and gave us a taste of what was on its way.

Enchant took to the stage next, and blasted straight into The Thirst from their debut album Blueprint Of The World.  Lead vocalist Ted Leonard warmed the near capacity crowd with his tones.  Many of the songs came from the latest album Tug Of War, and their sound could be matched with Rush, and the twiddley style of Marillion.

The stage area in the venue was packed full with equipment, but this didn't put any problems to any of the bands' way.

Next up, Spocks Beard took to the stage, the first tour without Neal Morse.  Would this downgrade the band in anyway?  Opening from the last album, A Guy Named Sid got us underway, and a very smug Nick D'vigilo took the mic in hand and belted the vocals out!

Tour drummer, Jimmy Keegan played as if he was in the band for ages.  Next came a favourite from the Beware Of Darkness album, Change.  The bandanna wearing Ryo had his keys right at the front of the stage, and smiled to the crowd as he played the ivories.  Next came a medley from the Snow album, which got the crowd going.  The Devils Got My Throat echoed around the venue as the crowd moved and sang along to every word.

Encore was the classic Doorway, which found the stage full with members from the previous bands singing along in a party sort of way.

So there you have it, three great bands and a great night.  Spock's Beard is still alive and looking ahead in a positive manner, which is a great relief to all the followers.  Hope it's not too long before they make the journey across the water again!

Danny Mayo


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