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Impish - (Demo)

Impish - (Demo)Finnish power metal band Impish have this five track offering available and over the near 30 minute time span, there is a lot going on in time changes and other things.

Drummer Juho Raappana seems to be the busy person of the band with his fast energetic percussion skills, i.e. the double bass drum thud and fast snare work, while the vocals from Antti Karhu are strong and eccentric in a way Peter Hammill or Matt Bellamy would use, but deeper.

All the five tracks average around the six minute mark and feature strong playing and thoughtful power riffs, but each one changes and changes to a different mood all together. To make comparisons is a little difficult, but early Metallica, Venom and Dream Theater spring to my mind.

On bass, Juha Jaaskela gives a fine example of power playing, while the twin guitars of Jyrki Hiltunen and Antti Karhu combine well.

Of the tracks, I've picked out the third one, Die With Me, which has a nice melodic opening before the grand build up of the end appears. I feel this the bands strongest song and has a resemblance of fellow Scandinavian rockers Evergrey.

Not a bad sound at all, power metal fans will like this no doubt, and their website is worth checking out.

Danny Mayo



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