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Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death

Iron Maiden - Dance Of DeathWell, some people might think it a little strange that we would review an Iron Maiden album on this site, but if it is good, it is on!  This new release from the British Heavy Metal Kings is worth a good review as it is a pleasant release.

Kicking off this just over 68 minute 11 tracker is Wildest Dreams.  Right at the start it has the 1,2,1234 count in as heard at the start of Yes' Going For The One, but in true Maiden style it flows as you would expect it to.  Rainmaker is another in-your-face rocker, but No More Lies is a lot mellow for what you would know them for.  It could be found on any other album, but it looks like they have moved towards the more 'Prog' type influences, with a cracking riff, and powerful vocals from Bruce Dickinson.

Montsegur is another in-your-face rocker, but the title track is one of the highlights, and one of the best tracks Maiden has produced.  With keyboards and acoustic guitars it could be mistaken for Jethro Tull with it's folk like melody.

Paschendale again is a fine journey along the 'prog' road, with rocky moments scattered in it, just like Face In The Sand that again has a little Tull sprinkled in at the start.

Age Of Innocence has a nice flow to it, but final track Journeyman is for me is the albumís top number.  The very English sound reminds me of the countryside and moves very nice with acoustic guitars and strings.

This will sell very well as it is Iron Maiden, but it will open many 'prog' eyes along it's stay in the charts!

Danny Mayo             

Iron Maiden


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