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Idioverse - EP 1 Tiny Liquorice

Idioverse - EP 1 Tiny LiquoriceLondon based Idioverse have two EP's available on their site and this is the first one. The line-up of Ben Van Der Poorten (guitar, vocals and animations), Jeeshan Patwari (guitar), Athos Demosthenous (bass) and M Blake Senior (drums) have a unique sound, but in places it has patches of an OK Computer style Radiohead.

Ben's voice is close to Thom Yorke in many sections, but the music is very new and fresh, and could soon attract big label interest. It is very X-FM fodder, and as soon as a album is released, Idioverse could soon be snapped up and playing larger venues, and not to mention the Summer outdoor festivals.

This seventeen minute four track EP contains what I would call intelligent and creative music, and in many ways experimental. From the opening tomfoolery Soupy Girl which lasts for just a minute, leads into the bass and jazz style drumming of the second track Tiny Liquorice which has the strong Radiohead influence.

Final track Scraping The Paint again has the Radiohead input, but there is a slight touch of Muse in the vocals and keys. This for me is their breakthrough song, and has the capability to grab some attention from the aforementioned big labels.

Check out the website link below for the sound samples, and for me, they are well worth a listen.

Danny Mayo




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