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In Conversation With... Tomas Bodin

By Danny Mayo

Following The Flower Kings gig at The Borderline on 8th April 2005, The Hairless Heart Herald's Danny Mayo joined keyboard ace Tomas Bodin back stage to find out  about his forthcoming solo album.  Our thanks to Tomas.

Tomas, your new album, is it true that it is going to be a 'Rock Opera?'

Tomas:. Well for me personally it was a decision made from moving from a instrumental album, to a album with lyrics. It then developed into a concept sort of thing which could be a term for a Rock Opera, but I had an idea for a Rock Opera type theme.

Can you describe the story?

Tomas:. The story is basically about my own life and personal experiences that have happened to me, but then reincarnation, and before the birth and the afterlife, the full circle typical prog (laugh).

(laugh) Ok, what about influences for this album, what or who inspired you?

Tomas:  It is basically prog, but outside of prog, Jesus Christ Superstar is a key influence. I would listen to this a lot of times around the age of fourteen. The Ziggy period of David Bowie too I like, the sadness in his eyes. The seventies hard rock period of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin are a key influence.

And say The Wall by Pink Floyd?

Tomas: Yes of course, to the few people who have heard it have said it is like The Wall and Jesus Christ Superstar. I am using the same guitarist from my last album, he has the feel of the seventies and he really creates the classic riffs.

Are there any plans to take this live, or a DVD?

Tomas:. A tour would be nice, but the logistics and stage space would limit what we could do. The lights would have to be perfect to
get the full effect and to bring the story across too. A DVD would be nice with the story, but it is down to a suitable venue and record company.

What bands have you been listening to lately?

Tomas:  I have heard the new Spocks Beard album, and Kino is a album I like very much. I try not to listen to much prog as to hear something different such as Rap. There are such a lot of good bands out there. I try to find bands outside the prog area.

Have you heard of The Mars Volta?

Tomas: Yes I have, very deep and complex, but interesting.

What musicians are on your album?

Tomas:  Jocke JJ Marsh who was on the last album, Jonas (Reingold) I am on keyboards of course. On vocals I have Anders Jansson who has a voice like Ian Gillian and the mad scream cry voice like Roger Waters.I have two female singers, who sound like Kate Bush, and even my wife sings on one of the songs, it is the first time she has sung.

How do you see The Flower Kings over the next few years?

Tomas:  I think with Roine, Hasse and Daniel the band has wide sound in vocals, and more symphonic than before, but next album, I don't know, Roine might have an idea when we get together.

What about album sales, have you any figures?

Tomas:  I really don't know, Inside Out will have the figures.

Ok Tomas, thanks for the chat, hope your album does well, and good luck with you future projects.

Tomas:  Thank you very much, nice talking to you.

Danny Mayo


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