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Heartscore - Straight To The Brain

Heartscore - Straight To The BrainThe man behind the music, Dirk Radloff, describes  Heartscore as a virtual art-rock band (studio project only - no live gigs), the name being a pseudonym for himself - in so many words, he does it for the love of the music, not for commercial success.

Classically trained Dirk (guitars, bass, violin, lead vocals, choir) uses poems as the basis of his compositions, allowing their structure to shape the music.  On Straight To The Brain, Dirk is accompanied by Tim Warweg (drums) and Stefan Platte (piano).

No specific influences are mentioned but anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of 70's prog will recognise one or three styles woven into music here and there.  There are echoes of YES vocals in Anyone, Gryphon/Gentle Giant vocals and melodies in The Schoolboy along with references to The Beatles (For The Benefit Of Mr Kite), and Enid guitar in The Day is Done.

Add to the prog mix some heavy hard rock/metal and classical and the overall result is pretty unique. The poems on which the songs are based feature eminent authors including William Blake, Edgar Allan Poe, Emerson and Longfellow, the words of which are all reproduced within the accompanying CD booklet.

The arrangements are complex, which will keep the prog aficionado engrossed, and the vocal harmonisations and styles are particularly clever.  At the risk of repeating myself, this project is pretty unique and possibly quite daring.  Listen to The Schoolboy and The Day Is Done and you should be more than happy.

Jem Jedrzejewski




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