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Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys, The Legacy

Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys, The LegacyGerman melodic metal act Helloween returns with this double album, and for those of you remember, back in 1987, this act released Keeper Of The Seven Keys parts 1 and 2. But after a steady flow of albums, this one is something special.

There has been some line-up changes since they first broke on the scene over twenty years ago, but still their sound remains intact. In many peoples eyes and ears, they have been compared with Iron Maiden, but in their own way they have certain operatic values, and in some places, some prog elements.

Today's line-up consists of Andi Deris (vocals) twin guitarists Micheal Weikath and Sascha Gerstner, drummer Dani Loeble and bassist Markus Grosskopf, and this album will be available in the UK on October 31st 2005 which of course is..... Halloween.

The double disc album features thirteen tracks which span to nearly eighty minutes, and there is a video of one of the songs Mrs God on the second disc. In true dramatic style, the album opens with The King For A 1000 Years, and this totals a generous near fourteen minutes of twists and turns, but still maintains the feeling of earlier compositions. The Lord Of The Rings style start then bursts into the runs and riffs from the guitars and then goes all operatic in a true classic feeling. On the second disc, Blackmore's Night lead vocalist Candice Night makes a appearance on Light The Universe, and her voice gives a nice angle and sound to the opus.

There are a lot of nice moments on this album, some comical and most of all most enjoyable movements. The musicianship from a metal point of view is faultless, plus the bass performance from Markus is worth hearing on it's own. This should appeal to most metal fans, and rock opera fans also, but on the balance, a most enjoyable album. With a massive tour starting in November 2005, the show should be worth watching.

Danny Mayo



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