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Hamadryad - Safe In Conformity

Hamadryad - Safe In ConformityThe first Hamadryad music I heard was on Unicorn Records (now Unicorn Digital) Progression In Balance Vol.I sampler and very impressed I was.  The Montreal 'wood nymphs' released their second album, Safe In Conformity, in May 2005, the follow up to their debut Conservation Of Mass released in 2000.

I have not yet heard their first album but understand that it is in the vein of Rush with a fair amount of YES in the mix, particularly with regard to the vocals.  As I said, I have not heard the album so don't take this as sacrosanct.  If it is the case, Safe In Conformity is a departure in sound and style to some extent.

One of the main differences will be with the vocals - the original vocalist having departed in 2002.  Bassist Jean-François Désilets is now the voice of the band and sounds like a cross between Fish, Phil Collins, Ozzy Osborne and Citizen Cain's Cyrus.  Which fits in nicely to the musical style which takes on a delicate Genesis edge for at least half the time without being in any way a Genesis clone.  Not that you would see anything of Genesis in the tracks One Voice or Polaroid Vendetta, the latter being  fast but dark like something that Japanese band Ars Nova are known for.

Safe In Conformity is a bit of a paradox because it conforms yet it doesn't and who can say you are safe when you do or don't anyway?  The good thing is that there is a good balance of new ideas yet familiar sounds which stimulates the grey matter whilst cosseting the memories.  And like so many good albums, the more you listen to it, the better it gets. Well worth trying out.

Jem Jedrzejewski


Unicorn Digital



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