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Gazpacho - Get It While It's Cold (MP3 Demo)

Gazpacho - Get It While It's ColdNorwegian band, Gazpacho, kindly sent us a four track demo CDR to review.  Although they have no album (as yet), all the songs are available for download as MP3ís from their website (link at foot of review) so their music is available to one and all.

It once again refreshing to find that it is nigh on impossible to draw comparisons with any other band as Gazpacho have their own particular sound yet, as usual, I will try!  Jan H. ďOĒs English vocals sound similar to those of A-HAís Morten Harket, but as I have only heard three or four Norwegian bands in my time (and all except A-HA date back to the early 70ís) I have picked the obvious comparison.  The construction and style of the music can be compared in a way to Big Big Trainís Bard Ė melodic, gentle and unhurried.  Right from the first track Sea of Tranquillity, a gently rolling love lament (imagine purposefully rowing across a calm lake through a mist), the thoughtful occasional use of back-track sounding keyboard chords (Thomas Anderson) have a Mellotron feel creating that delightfully eerie spine-tingling sensation.  Ghost, like the first track, has subtle sustained chords in the background though this time it is the guitar of Jon A. Vilbo.  Nemo picks up the pace with some interesting complex sounding percussion and a great mix of heavy organ/vocals which cease at the start/end of each verse to be replaced by acoustic guitar, bass and piano.  Nice arrangement.   By the time Bravo comes along it is easy to forget that Gazpacho are not a British band!  The bass (Roy Funner) comes to the forefront in Bravo whilst Janís vocals for a time sound like a higher pitched and smoother Ian Anderson.  The percussive start of this track slowly builds with the introduction of guitar, keys and wonderful violin, low and tin whistles (was Donal Lunny in the session??).  Gazpacho tell me that the violin and whistles were played by two members of a local Irish band they know.  Incidentally, the violin was made circa 1750 and itís unique sound was created by Mikael (the violin player) when he spilled a pint (one would hope of Guinness) in it during a gig.  Anyway, when Mikael and his band mate started to play an Irish riff, Gazpacho knew they had to include it in the song, so a month long re-write was required.  Great result.

Gazpacho have just released a new MP3 entitled Sun God which, dare I say it, has an even stronger beat and complex yet flowing percussion and vocals.  Once again, guitars and keys are used to great effect in an atmospheric way allowing the vocal to dominate in a gentle and refined way.  All of which would appear to be Gazpachoís trademark, so to speak.

The band are hoping to release an EP through this summer, but in the meantime why not check out these tracks via the bandís website (note, Sun God is on a separate site Ė link below).  Give them at least a couple of listens and Iím sure they will grow on you.  Cold soup is a bit of a misnomer.  I look forward to hearing more.

Jem Jedrzejewski


Sun God MP3


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