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Frogg Cafe - Fortunate Observer Of Time

Frogg Cafe - Fortunate Observer Of TimeThe third studio album from New York outfit Frogg Cafe is a adventurous journey though the channels of Frank Zappa, Phish, Caravan, late King Crimson and splashes of YES. The quintet have a jazzy feel to their sound, and with many instruments performed on this album, their scope is a pleasing one to say the least.

Eight tracks make up the total time of just a shade over the hour mark, and with one of the tracks hitting nearly fifteen minutes, this is a fine example of the American progressive rock sound.

The history of the band is interesting, as they were a Frank Zappa tribute band called Lumpy Gravy, and with the success of that, five years ago they began to write their own material and of course, the name change! Nowadays, Frogg Cafe tour America and Europe, and are gaining good reviews in those parts of the World.

Personnel wise, the five members of the band are joined on this album by additional musicians, each bringing a different sound to the music, such as marimba, trombone, vibes and congas.

Nick Lieto is the lead vocalist and the main writer of lyrics and the music, and Nick himself performs the keyboards, trumpet and flugelhorn. He is joined by Bill Ayasse (violins, mandolin and percussion) Steve Uh (guitars) Andrew Sussman (bass, cello and vocals) and on drums James Guarnieri.

Of the eight tracks, two are instrumental, and for me the highlight is You're Still Sleeping with it's feel and moods stands out in my opinion. All in all, there is no poor track on the album, it flows very easy and is easy to listen to. The jazz influence hits the prog bubble and tries to burst it, but it is an interesting combination of styles, and well performed.

Danny Mayo

Frogg Cafe


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