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Freedom Call - The Circle of Life

Freedom Call - The Circle of LifeIn their own field, Freedom Call are well known after three successful studio, and a live album to their credit. This new effort is packed with a lot of feeling, and production to what certain bands lack, and a large tour is planned in 2005 in Europe to back the release of this album.

Twelve tracks make up a total time of fifty one minutes, and basically it will appeal to a lot of melodic and power metal fans. The line-up of Chris Bay (vocals and guitar) Dan Zimmerman (drums) Ilker Ersin (bass) Cede Dupont (guitar) and Nils Neumann (keyboards) make a fine sound. This is the first time I have heard anything by this band, and I'm impressed with the production and the presentation.

Kicking off is Mother Earth, and from the opening riff it sets the scene. Chris Bay's voice is strong and clear, and from the chant from second track Carry On combined with the Iron Maiden and Judas Priest feel, is likely to be a great live favourite.

Jumping to the sixth track The Gathering, which is quite different to the previous five, and sounds like a medieval ELP, but at only one minute twenty three seconds it soon blasts into Kings And Queens with the Maiden/Helloween influence. If you take away the keyboards, it could have been a NWOBHM classic back in the early eighties.

Final track is the title track, and combined with the acoustic guitar and piano make this the stand out track on the album. Live, it will be a stadium classic, and will make the band appeal to a wider set of listeners.

This is a pleasing release, and should make a bit of an impact on the scene.

Danny Mayo

Freedom Call


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