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Frameshift - An Absence Of Empathy

Frameshift - An Absence Of EmpathyProject band Frameshift's second album An Absence Of Empathy is bursting with a lot of musical talent, plus it has the added bonus of having on vocals Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame. The man behind it all is Henning Pauly who was involved with Chain EXE (see review) which was a popular album last year. On this new album, which is based on a story written by Henning and Shawn Gordon who had the original concept is written on the first two pages of the booklet which is generously graced with many pictures and lyrics.

This near seventy four minute album contains twelve tracks, which make the story unfold during the given time length, and has a Dream Theater feel to it, both in style and lyrics. Henning himself plays all the instruments except the drums which are played by Eddie Marvin who appeared on the Chain album too. So all the guitars, keys, bass, banjo and piano are performed in a manner in which you would think would be close to the Chain style, but this is more of a Rock style. From the opening radio switching station similar to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here on the first track Human Grain, sets the scene and scope of the album. The ballad type I Killed You clocks in at a plentiful nine minutes, and is for me the album's highlight. Sebastian Bach's voice flows on this track, and further on track seven In An Empty Room which is another ballad type song, which Henning's rising guitar solo gives the song a nice feel. The banjo is heard on this track, and with the Gangland vocals from a host of people including Micheal Sadler make this song a important piece of the story.

The keyboard riff on Outcast is a bright happy sort of sound, and combined with the rasping sound of the guitar give this a nice rough and smooth edge. Blade has a nice different sound to the rest of the album with it's orchestral type blasts, and jungle beats from the drums. Again Sebastian's voice give the track a lift with the vocal range. How Long Can I Resist has the making of a single, and closing track What Kind Of Animal is another type ballad with no drums, just acoustic and nice keyboard sounds. In this sort of environment, Sebastian's voice really shines through, and the vocal range he produces is amazing.

This will appeal to the Dream Theater type audience, and fans of the prog metal market, but it is a good well produced product and a fine example of Henning's talent.

Danny Mayo




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