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Fozzy - All That Remains

Fozzy - All That RemainsAll That Remains is the third album from Fozzy, who are fronted by WWE superstar Chris Jericho on vocals. After two successful album releases which gained world-wide acclaim, this new release co-insides with a tour in the UK. On this new album, it has guest appearances from Zakk Wylde, Marty Friedman, Marc Tremonti and rap artist Bone Crusher. Fozzy are well known along the MTV channels, and with sell out shows all over the globe, set to do the same with this new offering.

Ten songs make up the near forty-two minute opus, and are in the hard rock category. With a sound similar to Metallica and Creed, this should appeal to both fans of Fozzy and classic rock music fans in general. The driving heavy riffs combined with a near sounding Ozzy voice, make this a pleasure to listen to. The rap theme kicks in on track five, The Test, with the heavy throat, and continues on the following track It's A Lie.

Going backwards, the second track Enemy is in my opinion the albums highlight, and very Creed like in style and presentation. The chorus and harmonies combine well, and has the strong guitar sound which flows through the whole track. Wanderlust which is the third track has the Iron Man pace, with again a harmony chorus, but the guitars have the twiddly widdly solo which kick in half way in. Title track All That Remains is a slow plodder with the classic guitar following the chorus vocals, and again is a strong track in performance.

This is a pleasant offering from Fozzy, and it should sell many copies world-wide. It has excellent production from Rick Beato and it will not look out of place among the Creed/Metallica/Faith No More albums in one's collection.

Danny Mayo



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