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Fonderia - Fonderia

Fonderia - FonderiaThe unmistakeable funky sound of the opening track, Tevere, complete with Fender Rhodes, trumpet and even that most modern of techniques which started with hip-hop, 'scratching', introduces what is an ultra cool (should that be kool?) album.  Fonderia, released in 2002, is Italian band Fonderia's debut album, wholly instrumental except for some spoken recordings.

The band formed in 1994 dedicated to improvising and mixing sounds and styles and this album is representative of that.  Using a variety of instruments including Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Moogs, Clavinet, guitars, e-bow, zither, trumpet, flugelhorn, turntables, tape loops, melodica, flute... well, you get the idea.

The band state that their exploration of musical soundscapes spans from jazz-rock to ambient and from world music to funk by means of improvisation but a lot of the time they are actually incorporating two or more genres at the same time.  The emphasis changes though and just mentioning but two examples, one minute they are creating a sort of Portishead sound and the next minute they dive into a Tangerine Dream type soundscape.  All excellent stuff.  The melodies and sounds stir the memory, some more than others.  The track Dubarcord, for example, has sections that sound like a play on a YES riff, a Caravan melody that is also reminiscent of another old song (I have no idea which came first) plus, towards the end, a distinct Supertramp keyboard style.  Very clever.

Fonderia have interacted with other arts - poetry, theatre, video and soundtracks for short films and documentaries for Italian national television - and after hearing it you can appreciate the visual qualities within their music.  Excellent.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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