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Fluxury - Perishable Goods

Fluxury - Perishable GoodsFollowing on from the earlier preview (see review) we now have the latest Fluxury album Perishable Goods. The end product is well put together, and all the songs flow very well.

Total time is almost an hour, and from the first five I reviewed, there are seven more making twelve in total on their latest product.

On the whole, this is a easy listening album with some nice touches, and the female vocals glide you along with the soothing piano sound also. Still the same line-up from the preview, of the remaining songs, three are instrumental.

Safety First is the third track, and from the mid-period Genesis type start, the dark sound appears with the haunting female voice. The bass scales plod away as a slightly distorted guitar comes into the frame. Surrender is another slow mood type track, and is an instrumental one, with the keyboards taking over with some nice sounds.

Dust Settled Down again has the Genesis feel to it mixed with the piano, but the title track Perishable Goods is quite creditable with it's jazz feel, plus twists and turns, and is also the longest clocking in at a shade over the ten minute mark. Symmetry is another instrumental very keyboard oriented, but for me Heaven And Hell has the darken images and feelings with the slow piano sound, and a very moving sort of track I might add also.

Panta Rei closes the album and again is a instrumental. The gentle sound of the final track is well thought out and constructed, as is the whole album, and doesn't feel out of place at all.

To sum up, this is a nice sounding album, mellow in places but on the whole a nice package. High point for me is Light Of Other Days which was on the preview, and is a great track indeed.

Danny Mayo



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