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The Flower Kings, Magenta, The Borderline, London, 8th April 2005

Two of prog finest bands were paired together for the first time, and hopefully the first of many. The Borderline is a small but great venue where the crowd are very close to the bands, and in Magenta's case, the crowd were on the stage.

At seven thirty sharp, Magenta opened the evening's entertainment, and straight away they were given a warm welcome by their own fans. Starting with King Of The Skies, and straight away the twin guitars of Chris Fry and Martin Rosser revved into the Led Zeppelin type riffs mode while vocalist Christina powered her way through the verses. After a nice response from the crowd, the band rocketed into Gluttony, which by this time the crowd were ecstatic. When The White Witch was played, the band were in their element and very tight, and Chris Fry decided to go into the crowd to see if everyone was enjoying the show. And by the reaction of the loud cheers after the twenty minute song, I would say a big yes we were!

Pride from Seven again went down very well with the crowd, and closing with the last single I'm Alive, the cry for a encore was immense as Magenta cleared the stage ready for The Flower Kings to take the reigns.

Now, if The Flower Kings were in their normal guise, two of them would not have got onto the small stage, but as this tour is billed as The Instrumental Circus Brimstone Tour, it gave the band and the fans to hear some songs not performed for some time, or not at all.

With the line up of Roine Stolt, Jonas Reingold, Tomas Bodin and new drummer Marcus Liliequist, the quartet opened with Circus Brimstone. Marcus was soon playing in the style of the bands music we all know, and this was the perfect opportunity for the individuals to demonstrate their solos. Of the many songs played tonight, a huge percentage was of course Flower Kings material, and with such gems as Astral Dog from Flower Power, and The Man Who Walked With Kings from Stardust We Are, the band were soon in full flow. With Tomas Bodin doing most of the introductions, it was more of a relaxed atmosphere, and of course the crowd were admiring the musicianship on offer. Roine was at ease with his solos, as was Jonas who again was note perfect and he really made the bass playing look easy.

The set included some songs from the members solo projects. Tomas performed one from Sonic Boulevard, and Roine with one from Hydrophonia, and we were presented with a song called Always Grumpy from The Swedish Family album.

This was a great evening.  Magenta are showing that they are growing in stature, and The Flower Kings are still getting good crowds to see their shows. [see photo galleries below.]

Danny Mayo

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