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The Flower Kings In Concert 2002 November 16th (Rotherham), 17th (London)

On the British leg of the 'Unfold The Future' tour, the FK played more or less the same set on both nights. On the London date, there was one more person on stage in the shape of Daniel Gildenlow from Pain Of Salvation on a variety of instruments plus backing vocals and the lead on 'Rollin' The Dice' in the second half of the set. Second half? Yes they played two sets totalling a shade over three hours! Value, not 'arf!

Opening with the 'classic' (yes it is I can tell you!) first track from the new album, 'The Truth Will Set You Free', both crowds were focused on the band. TTWSYF rises and falls just like a 31 minute song should do, and which such power the band gracefully glided through it. Jonas Reingold's bass just cuts through the army of keys and guitars and the headphoned Zoltan Csorsz just pounds those drums away. Without a doubt, the FK's are now one of the best bands around on the prog circuit. Enough said.

Next up, the punchy rocker 'Monkey Business' got the halls bouncing along, and then it was back to the Rainmaker album for 'Road To Sanctuary’, which again was well received.

Through the sets we had a touch of comedy between the band and audience, and closing the first set was the long gem from Roine Stolt's The Flower King album 'Humanizzimo'.

Onto the second set, 'Genie In A Bottle' got us underway, plus again from the new one 'Silent Inferno' which could be a permanent fixture in the live set. Now, 'Chicken Farmer Song' had a little problem in Rotherham, take #3 hey boys! All in true rock and roll style could that happen! Got it spot on in London though!

A short 'I Am The Sun' blasted away, a lot heavier with an extra guitar in London, then it was time to say goodnight.

Encore was a little jam featuring 'Eyes Of The World' Circus Brimstone' 'Too Late For Tomatoes' and other bits thrown in for good measure.

Well, three hours soon flew by and it was lights on. What the punters saw was a great example of one of the best technical bands you could ever see. Five (and six) gents who love their music and enjoy performing it too, if you haven't seen them, you don't know what you are missing. Pure class!

Danny Mayo


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