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The Flower Kings, Live At Johanniskirche Würzburg Germany 15th October And Capitol Paderborn Germany 17th October 2004

On the final leg of the tour, again The Flower Kings were very impressive both visually and musically. After making the trip to Germany thanks to Ryanair, driver and I made the journey from Frankfurt to Würzburg which is a nice little town. The gig itself was held in a church, and I must admit it felt quite good sitting down and being entertained by the band.

Some parts of the show were highlighted by the fact that the yellow lights lit up the huge Madonna statue above the stage, and directly above Roine Stolte.

On to the set, well it was identical to the previous two shows I attended in England, but the band introduced Stardust We Are in favour of the title track from the latest album Adam And Eve. The choice to bring Stardust into the set was a good one, and quite a pleasant change to hear Hasse Froberg's solo voice on this version of part 4. As before, the setting in the church made this the highlight for me of the evening.

All of the personnel of the band played their parts as you would expect very well, and the crowd were silent on the quieter sections of the songs. The acoustics of the venue made the bass of Jonas Reingold stand out, and with his many scales and fretless bass, made a smooth crisp sound. The triple guitars from Roine Stolt, Hasse Froberg and Daniel Gildenlow just eased through the set, and the keys from Tomas Bodin cut through the mix too. The drums from Zoltan Csorsz were played very precise and they too sounded perfect.

The band got a standing ovation at the end of the set which ended with The Blade Of Cain, only to get another one after encore The Truth Will Set You Free. There was a lot of cheers and applause and Roine and Tomas took to the stage again to say a big thank you to the crowd.

The venue is a good one, and hats off and a big thank you must go out to Charly who organised the whole show, and made me feel welcome.

Two nights later, driver and myself were in the historic town of Paderborn. Again the venue is very impressive, with a high ceiling and marble like floors, and the sound was excellent too.

This time Stardust We Are was replaced by Adam And Eve, but as a special treat, we got a bonus encore in Deep Purple's Speed King. This followed the previous encore The Truth Will Set You Free, and during this track, Jonas and Zoltan were seen to be pulling faces and making each other laugh which put a nice shine to the proceedings.

Just before Speed King, Zoltan took to Jonas' bass for a bit of humour, before Zoltan resumed his spot behind the drum kit. Roine introduced the song as guitar-less Hasse Froberg took to the role as solo frontman. Jonas too sang a verse aided by the printed lyrics perched on the pedestal of Roine's spot before roadie and technician Erik took to the stage for a impressive tambourine solo.

The band left the stage again and that was it, the end of the tour. Judging by attendance's, The Flower Kings are gaining new fans, and by these performances hopefully many more. Just a little point, in Flower Kings terms, the Drivers Seat for these two shows was occupied by Heike Mueller, and a big thank you to Heike for providing the transport!  (See photo gallery below.)

Danny Mayo

The Flower Kings

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