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Meet The Flower Kings, A Live Recording (Double DVD and CD Limited Edition)

Meet The Flower Kings, A Live Recording (Double DVD and CD Limited Edition)The first Flower Kings DVD is a pleasurable offering.  The double DVD and CD package gives you a great insight of what the Flower Kings are about.  Recorded in their native Sweden in Uppsala on February 10th 2003, playing to an invite only crowd, the band wormed their way through six songs.

DVD disc one opens with the classic from the last album Unfold The Future, The Truth Will Set You Free.  Now, the band has two additional personnel on stage; they are Daniel Gildenlow from Pain of Salvation, and Hasse Bruniusson, who in his time has joined the band on certain dates on percussion. After each song, the performance is broken up with documentaries; on disc one there are two tour features in USA and Europe, and a insight setting up for the DVD. Garden Of Dreams is split in half and cups the On Tour In Europe feature.

Disc two opens with the epic taken from Roine Stolt’s first solo outing The Flower King, Humanizzimo.  Further live concert pieces are Circus Brimstone, Silent Inferno and the last epic Stardust We Are. The documentaries on this disc are Oddballs Of Rehearsing, June 2002 Recording Studio footage and from 2000, the Tour of South America.

The CDs feature the soundtrack to the recording in its entirety.

Technical Aspects

Picture from the live concert is very well presented and very clear too, sound is in 2.0 Stereo. The other footage is camcorder ‘scrapbook type’ on the tours, but it fits in very well with all the other live material, and that too is good quality.

The DVD is ‘universal’ Region 0 and available in PAL or NTSC, screen aspect ratio 4:3.

Package Features

Double DVD and CD is a nice limited edition set, and well designed inner booklet full of info, pictures and text, very good value.  The DVD and CD are also available separately for those just wanting one or the other.


On the whole, it says what it is on the front cover, a glorious insight to one of the finest bands around today.  The song, documentary, song etc format works very well and is a must for all Flower Kings followers.  To those of you looking for a music DVD and value for money, this one is for you!

Danny Mayo



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