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The Flower Kings - Adam And Eve

The Flower Kings - Adam And EveAfter the last album Unfold The Future back in 2002, many people including myself thought how could they follow that? Here in 2004, and the eighth studio album, this latest offering has taken them into a more straightforward style. Judging by the rear cover on the booklet, it looks like the band has a permanent member in Daniel Gildenlow from fellow Swedes Pain Of Salvation. Daniel's vocals are noticeable on two tracks, and gives the band a more sharper and wider edge than before.

Ten songs of all time sizes ranging from a short one minute ten seconds to a generous nineteen minute and fifty seconds which makes up nearly eighty minutes in total. In true Flower Kings style, you do get value for money and Adam And Eve has a nice light cover from the usual 'dark' ones before. This is classed as the tenth anniversary album, and a tour is to follow in October.

On to the serious side of things, the music is varied in many styles and a little move away from the 'jazz' feel, but still clever technical prog as we have known. Opening track Love Supreme, twists and turns in the YES vein, and features Hasse Froberg's powerful vocals at the start. with Roine Stolt appearing halfway through with his vocals taking control on the quiet section. Again the guitars electric and acoustic are a dominant factor on this song, and Tomas Bodin has again found some great keyboard sounds. The synths rise, and the Mellotron sounds are a joy to listen to. The bass growl from Jonas Reingold is very up front, and on the percussion side of things, Zoltan Csorsz on drums is joined by part time member Hasse Bruniusson.

Track two Cosmic Circus takes us back to The Rainmaker album style, with lots of Mellotron sounds and nice vocal harmonies with Hasse taking the lead vocal. The Tomas Bodin penned instrumental Babylon is the third track. It has a slight early solo Steve Hackett and Wot Gorilla? Influence to it, but nevertheless, a pleasant sound.

The dark A Vampires View is different to what you would think the band would normally produce. Daniel's vocals are very haunting, and reminds me of a stage play or a film score. Tomas rounds off with a 1920's style piano and makes this a welcome ending to this unique song.

After the short piano instrumental of Days Gone By, the title track is next. Thirty seconds in, and the I Am The Sun style riff kicks in, the vocals again are dramatic, and this is your more in-your-face rocker track. The musicianship on this is creditable too, with all instruments on top form.

The gentle Starlight Man is next with Roine's guitar and vocals making this ballad a bit of a come down from the previous track, but again a gem on the album.

Jonas Reingold and Roine's Timelines is the next track, and it has a strong Karmakanic feel to it, but a nice vocal harmony and a bit bluesy in places. Again the Mellotron chords shine.

Second longest track Drivers Seat follows, and has a Hackett style start, and a little Rainmaker, and perhaps a little earlier influence say from Retropolis thrown in for good measure. The whole song ends around halfway through, and re-starts with the technical keys, guitars and percussion sounds, bringing it to a classic ending.

Closing the album is the five minute The Blade Of Cain which is a instrumental featuring Jonas on fretless bass, and Roine's guitar just gliding along until the time hits 78:10 and that is it.

To sum up, yet again another well-produced album, great playing and another classic in the making.

Danny Mayo

The Flower Kings



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