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Evergrey - A Night To Remember

Evergrey - A Night To RememberScandinavian prog metal quintet Evergrey have this new live double CD released end of March 2005 by Inside Out. Recorded in Gothenburg last year, this two hour CD captures the band at their most awesome best, live.

Twenty tracks make up the double CD, and the power riffs and deep powerful vocals make this a pleasing listen. Tom S Englund's voice stands out, and the keyboards from Rikard Zander make the live sound come to life.

Many live albums around sound a little muffled to say the least. But this one is well recorded and there is a distinct definition between all the instruments. You can hear the crowd too, and there are no long breaks between the songs. There are no fades between the songs which I feel is important, as in the tape is just left to roll.

I must admit I haven't heard Evergrey's studio work at all, but from what I've heard live, I'm impressed. On disc one, track eight Waking Up Blind is a ballad and a great song. There are some female backing vocals and harmonies too on many of the tracks, but in general the album is well performed.

Disc two has some fine songs like Essence Of Conviction, Nosferatu and For Every Tear That Falls, and they just fit in the album like a glove. There is a DVD on the way in the summer, but for the time being this is on offer. The DVD will give the performance a better angle and view and from what I've heard in this two hour opus will be worth watching. But as live albums go, this is simply thoroughly entertaining.

Danny Mayo



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