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Eden Rose - On The Way To Eden

Eden Rose - On The Way To EdenFor one awful moment, I thought my rudimentary grasp of the French language would have to be called on to translate the gist of the CD booklet notes on the history of this fantastic early seventies band but, as usual, Musea provide an English translation a couple of pages in.

You may have heard of a band called Sandrose, a French progressive rock group very popular in the seventies.  Prior to releasing an album (under the name of Sandrose), they recorded On The Way To Eden back in 1970 under the name of Eden Rose.  Incredibly, Sandrose only released one album, in 1972, before they split in 1973, so this early work is a treasured discovery.

Hammond organ dominates the album, thus the comparison to the likes of Procol Harem and The Nice.  Santana can be added to those two comparisons for the rhythm and keyboard sound and some of the guitar work.  The melodies are bright and cheerful and the riffs very memorable.  This is ‘good mood’ music with a hint of 60’s and 70’s kitsch.  If you cast you mind back to Gerry Anderson’s series Stingray and Thunderbirds and other popular television shows such as Jason King/Department S, you may recall the occasional party scene full of hip and happening people grooving away to instrumental music predominated by Hammond.  It wasn’t ‘pop’ and neither was it ‘serious’ prog such as King Crimson and Genesis, but it was often rather tasty.  Eden Rose fits in with this category.

Thirty-three years on and the music sounds remarkably fresh and vibrant, even the Space 1999 style Feeling In The Living, which is a brilliant piece of music in fact, with some superb guitar licks.

Even if you only get this album because you are holding a party where something like Anekdoten would go down like a lead balloon, you are certain to be asked questions about it by your guests, and your ‘coolness’ would never be doubted again.  Highly recommended.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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