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Echolyn - The End Is Beautiful

Echolyn - The End Is BeautifulEcholyn's latest album from a healthy back catalogue is one of their finest moments. This American band are unknown to many, but after first hearing '95's offering As The World, I've kept an eye on this band's developments.

Eight tracks are on the new album making a total time of nearly fifty six minutes, and from the opening drum solo from Paul Ramsey on first track Georgia Pine, sets the mood before the guitar riffs of Brett Kull make an entrance. This is a straight forward rocker, with some nice keyboard touches from Chris Buzby. Heavy Blue Miles follows, and maintains the interest with some nice instrumental work.

Lovesick Morning is the albums third track and for me my personal favourite with it's ballad type mood, jazz splashes and emotional chorus sets the scene for a relationship break-up and is the longest song on the album totalling a time of just over the ten minute mark. In places there is a Beatle type influence on all the album, but generally great song-writing and construction.

Make Me Sway is another rocker, with a pumping bass line from Tom Hyatt and has the Mellotron choir sound combined with the Hammond throbbing away with the vocal harmonies. The title track is next, and again is a moody song with a jazzy type up tempo drum and bass rhythm and with the chorus which flows with ease before the end climax of the YES and Gentle Giant feel eventually closes it. So Ready is next and is a up-tempo jazz type track, and a welcome brass sound give this track a lift.

The Arc Of Descent (Dancing in a Motel Just West of Lincoln) follows with some nice harmonies yet again, and a nice line of 'twin double beds' in the chorus, and is a nice gentle song, very emotional also, and reminds me of The Beatles yet again. The shared vocals
between Brett and Ray Weston combined with the closing guitar solo make this a great song.

Closing the album is Misery, Not Memory and has a YES-type sound, with the Hammond sound from Chris and the vocal harmonies, and I would say the most technical song on the album with it's chops and changes. Totalling just over nine minutes, this is a interesting sound to say the least, with it's radio/television type sounds in the background halfway through before the thunderous climax.

Echolyn have produced a fine album on the whole, and for those who haven't heard of them before on these shores, they are well worth checking out. To make comparisons would be a little unfair, but think of Spocks Beard, Gentle Giant, YES and The Beatles and you are not far wrong. As before, this is a good album, well worth a listen.

[Their first and probably their last European tour kicks off in London on September 3rd 2005, with newly up and coming proggers Strangefish, and this promises to be a entertaining evening to say the least. If Echolyn perform many of the tracks from their new album, well we are in for a treat for sure.]

Danny Mayo



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