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Earthling Society - Albion

Earthling Society - AlbionLancashire based Earthling Society's debut album is a pleasant journey in the Spacerock/Psychedelic regions of music, and for a first offering, I have to admit, it is a good effort.

The four-piece combine a number of influences such as Hawkwind, Can, Amon Duul 2 and Steve Hillage among others, but the distorted guitar sound is the main feature and combined with the haunted vocal sounds make this the Hawkwind in the present day. The Pagan influence shines through in the lyrics, and were written by Fred Laird who is also the bands guitarist. Fred is joined by David Lyall on bass, Jon Blacow on drums and on synths samples and generator Phil Pullen.

Albion's forty-eight and a half minutes and seven tracks has a production which is quite clear. Two of the tracks are instrumental, but opening track Black Witch stands out in my opinion as the strongest song.  That said, Beltane Queen has a nice acoustic and percussion feel to it which, with the whistles, make it a 'outside Summers day' feel.

The final track Universal Mainline is the longest clocking in at a shade over fourteen minutes, and starts with echo vocals. It builds up as it progresses, and the electric piano sound is a pleasing melody too. The distorted guitar is prominent here too as it brings the whole album to a close.

This is a nice presentation, very sixties in approach, but nevertheless, an impressive debut.

Danny Mayo

Earthling Society


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