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Darwin’s Radio - Pictures EP

Darwin’s Radio - Pictures EPDarwin’s Radio may be a relatively new band but the faces will be familiar to some.  The line-up features ex-Grey Lady Down musicians, Mark Westworth and Sean Spear, Declan Burke (ex-The Spirit of Rush) and Dave Pankhurst from space rock outfit Unlimbo.

The band was formed in 2002 and this CD-EP was released in 2003.

Wipe all thoughts that this may be Grey Lady Down Mark II because, as the Name Darwin’s Radio might imply, the chaps have moved on.

Within the three tracks there are hints of YES, Tony Banks (A Curious Feeling), Spock’s Beard and even The Stranglers!  Melodic, tight, intricate and powerful.  Vocals are smooth and clear; keyboard sounds are a treat, percussion, guitar and bass just superb.

The sound is that of a band that works as a unit rather than four individual musicians, as though they had been working together for many years rather than a few months.  Highlight of the CD is hard to pick as I keep changing my mind, but at the time of writing this it has to be Tidal Waves which has a sort of Stranglers meets Dave Sinclair ambience.

If their debut album is half as good as this EP, it will still be excellent.

Darwin’s Radio website (link below) has details of forthcoming gigs, sound samples and if you have got a miserly £3 to hand, a copy of this CD EP.   Hope they don’t make us wait too long for the album.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Darwin’s Radio


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