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Dr.No - El Bufo De La Cort

Dr.No - El Bufo De La CortFrom Spain, Dr.No brings us nearly 50 minutes of a nice mixture of sounds.  Sung in their native Spanish tongue (actually it is Catalan – thanks to Josep Maria for pointing this out to us), this will be well received in Spain or South America, and of course the many who like to hear other languages sung, like me, in bands such as PFM and Grobschnitt.

Formed from other bands, as most bands are these days, there is an interesting mix to the sound. Being well produced too, makes this a pleasant listen, with a lot of instruments thrown into the mix.  The Marillion and late period Genesis influences are quite strong, but the vocals are a little soft, but they work well in the package.  Five tracks all around the 6-7 minute mark, plus the end cut the title track, which clocks in at 10:48, sound quite different to each other, and with the usual army of keyboards and guitars, will appeal to most fans of the neo side of progressive music. 

The packaging of the CD is well presented too, with a good booklet with lyrics in Spanish and English, and nice artwork too, and as you can see it is a great cover. The Jester influence used by many a band. 

All the tracks move along very smoothly, but the title cut for me is the strongest one on here.  You can pick out many pieces of ideas, and I feel the next album will be of similar quality, if the band can keep their identity they should be a name on everyone's lips, and a few live performances should establish them on the circuit.

A pleasant effort, and worth adding to anyone's collection.  For further information, check out the link below.

Danny Mayo


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