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Daniel Patrick Quinn & Beano Jamieson - Suilven 007

Daniel Patrick Quinn & Beano Jamieson - Suilven 007Just before Christmas 2004, I was discussing the types of music The Hairless Heart Herald gets to hear these days, which posed the question, what about folk, prog or otherwise?  To answer the question, along came this CD from Suilven Recordings.

We are no stranger to the work of Daniel Patrick Quinn, whose unique and earthy style can be no better summed up in the last album of his we reviewed, Severed From The Land.

Whilst maintaining his distinctive style, Daniel (violin, cello, bass, trumpet, synths, percussion, autoharp, arrangements) has joined forces with Beano Jamieson (synths, melodies) for the four instrumental tracks that are collectively known as Suilven 007 (nothing to do with Bond, just the 7th release on his Suilven Recordings label).

With a total running time of 22 minutes, Suilven 007 is more of an EP than a full album but no less worthy.  The music is inspired by places within the British Isles reflecting their history and serenity (in the present day).  Dunstanburgh Castle (now a ruin on the coast of Northumberland) is a solo piece by Daniel, with slow violin laying out the melody, the overall atmosphere being one of battle weary or defeat perhaps reflecting the hammering the castle took during the Wars of the Roses in the 15th century.  Daniel tells us that this track is a hint of what to expect from his forthcoming album.

The Sun Rises, Death On The Ridge Road, and Sutherland County are co-written and performed by Daniel and Beano.  Again the music imbues that tranquil atmosphere with an historical air, Beano's synth work adding yet another dimension with its floating melodies.

It isn't easy to categorise the music, which is, I suppose, a mixture of folk, classical and progressive because it is all of these yet none of these in a way.  I could also see this CD being used as the soundtrack for history documentaries (if you are a documentary maker, contact Daniel first!).

Suilven 007 was released on 27th December 2004 and is available direct from Suilven Recordings via the link below.


Jem Jedrzejewski

Daniel Patrick Quinn


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