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Deimos - Never be Awaken

Deimos - Never be AwakenFrom Russia, Deimos have produced a album of many styles and moods, but it mainly slots into the thrash metal pigeon-hole. The title track kicks-off this near forty minute presentation, and on the first impression of birds and acoustic guitar, it leads into a fantasy angelic vocal, before exploding into the deep throat style vocal.

For me, Never Be Awaken is the album's strongest track, and the one you would most catalogue as progressive, with the fretless bass from Yuriy Egorov who doubles as a keyboard player too. The song rises and falls back to the gentle acoustic vein, and to compare this track and the other seven, reminds me of a certain Skyclad feel, a band who mixed doom metal, thrash and acoustic styles around twelve years ago.

Next track Guardian is a fast thrash with the deep throat from vocalist Tadeush Senich. Last Light Flashes follows, and is more of an early Metallica style, such as Ride The Lightening period with the strong guitar riffs. To add, a keyboard solo slows the whole thing down in the middle, followed by a guitar solo to put the pace back to it's original guise.

Fourth track In Winter is still along the thrash vein, but is a lot more complex in riffs. The keys come to life towards the end too, and puts a gloss coat on the whole song. The riffs remind of early Iron Maiden but on the other hand it keeps the albums jigsaw together.

Run Through takes you back to the title track feel, with acoustic guitar before the heavy electric guitar riffs and thud of the double bass drum hammers take this off on another direction in style.

The Great Flower Of Northern Lands is again very riff orientated, and a touch of blues just after the minute mark! Final two tracks The Top, and Golden Horde both start acoustically before climaxing into the sea of thrash and doom. But Golden Horde ends very classical like with the acoustic guitars duelling away until the end.

This is well produced, and worth a listen. It is hard to say who it will appeal to, but progressive ears will like the acoustic parts, and some of the riffs on offer here. Thrash fans will love it as it fits nice in that style.

Danny Mayo




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