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d-koy (Demo)

d-koy (Demo)Yes, the shift key on my PC is working but Bradford/Leeds outfit, d-koy, is no slave to conformity.  Conceived by Sam Hyman (bass) and Seb Greenfield (guitars, vocals) many moons ago, d-koy finally found a drummer in the form of Vic Pavon.  Vic had played “avante-garde wacky music in bands in Texas before being deported three times for having too many progressive rock albums”, a claim that many of us would be proud of, I’m sure.

The band has produced a three-track demo CD (with a very professional finish) recorded live at Sponge Studios in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Each of the tracks has a different approach but all three have some common ground, not least energy and inventiveness.  Same Situation opens with a menacing ‘horror film style’ guitar riff and terrific drum roll, then proceeds into a mix of mesmerising dissonance, vocals almost verging on a kind of rap – not the ten-to-the-dozen obscenity kind but more of an exhausted pleading keeping use of words to a minimum.  The music is tight and the sense of motion (like trying to step from a moving tram) is depicted by the speed of the music and urgency of vocals.

Transparency maintains that sense of motion (and the d-koy sound) but purely to give some idea as to the sound of this one you would have to imagine The Police (music) with some inspired bass playing, combined with Peter Gabriel (vocals).  Of the three tracks, Transparency is the most accessible from a traditionalist’s point of view.  Actually, from anyone’s point of view, it is a great track.

The intro to Empowerment initially brought to mind Faust or, at least, my memory of Faust (I don’t own any Faust and haven’t heard a Faust album for thirty years and my memory banks are running on under 1 meg of RAM).  The same high energy reigns only this time with a more aggressive stance.  Vocals are again aggressive and follow a similar style to those in Some Situation.

The band has a fair few gigs under its belt and it can only be a matter of time before d-koy get snapped up by some major or independent record mogul.  If a recording contract is not forthcoming soon, I hope they will take it upon themselves to independently release an album.  Musicians of this calibre will always be in demand whatever happens but it would be a sin to let d-koy disappear in the ether.   

Jem Jedrzejewski



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