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Discus - Tot Licht!

Discus - Tot Licht!Prog is a global phenomenon and continues to surprise us by turning up in the most unlikely places.  Indonesia is no exception.  The prog scene there is growing (Indonesians don’t tend to distinguish prog from rock even though it is prog) and one band that has found an audience outside Indonesia is Discus.

Their first album was well received leading to an invitation to perform at Progday and whilst this, their second recording was released on a Japanese label a few months ago, Tot Licht! has now been released by Musea thus avoiding the need to purchase the more expensive Japanese import.

Possessing more energy than I have ever had, even in my youth, you will either hate Tot Licht! or love it, but whatever your feelings for the music, it won’t fail to blow you away.  From frenetic instrumental incorporating scat vocals to Indonesian traditional Gamelan via groovy lounge jazz and some extremely serious prog, boredom is not a word that springs to mind.

When considering comparisons, no one band tops the list for more than a minute at a time.  Zappa is an obvious one but so are King Crimson, the Dixie Dregs and Chic Corea and a stack more.  One moment the music is seriously heavy and the next it can be Indonesian folk, gentle melodic, humoresque or light-hearted.  Vocals, often but not always polyphonic, are superb, especially the female vocals, and sections of violin, sax and flute are used with composure.

Compositions are inventive almost to the point of being classed as experimental if it were not for the many melodies incorporated.

Tot Licht! (trans. to the light) should definitely be checked out;  an MP3 sample of the opening track can be downloaded from the Musea site (click on ‘new releases’ once you’re in).  Recommended.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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