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Dimension X - So... This Is Earth

Dimension X - So... This Is EarthThe debut album from Dimension X appears on the Unicorn Digital label, a label which is well known for top quality artistes of the jazz/prog variety but Unicorn have been keen to point out that there are more strings to its bow with recent releases firmly seated in the out and out prog category.  The 'X' gives a hint that this band goes that step further like most if not all bands touting the 'X' suffix, they lean towards the prog metal side of things, but again with a difference.

The 50's comic book style cover design along with the band name and album title would appear to be inspired by one of the first 'serious' science fiction series that was broadcast on radio in the early 1950's but this could just be a coincidence.  The band actually started off under a different name back in the 80's and went through a variety of 'Spinal Tap' type differences (band names, personnel etc.) until arriving at Dimension X in 2001 releasing their first EP titled Adventures In Time And Space (there's that sci fi theme again).

So... This Is Earth is heavy prog and at its heaviest yields metal-style drumming that reverts to a more restrained prog style for the more gentle, or should that be genteel, moments.  Even with all this going on, I can't help think of the Moody Blues for some reason - perhaps its the melodic vocals.  Some of the solid chord changes are Tull-like but not obviously so in so much as either you hear it or you don't.  In addition to these almost conflicting styles, well conflicting on paper, the band manage to introduce jazzier sections.

Prog-metallers will no doubt especially enjoy Why and Open Ladder whereas the more traditional proggers will soak up Corporate Ladder and the nigh on 17 minute epic, Xeno's Paradise complete with some Wakeman and Emerson style piano.

There are a couple of moments where some idea doesn't seem to fully work (like a car with two drivers and two sets of controls - the direction can be a bit off) but that is nitpicking what is a good debut album.  Dimension X have something different to offer.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Dimension X

Unicorn Digital


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