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David Gilmour In Concert (Meltdown) DVD

David Gilmour In Concert (Meltdown) DVDIt has been along time since Pink Floyd last appeared in concert and it will be a long time, if ever, they tour again.  Fear not, all is not lost and the memory of Floyd lives on in this Dave Gilmour In Concert DVD. Dave or David as he prefers to be called is of course Floyd’s front man and guitarist since Roger Waters departure but the albums have been few and far between.  Whilst adopting the stance of never saying never with regard to any future Floyd output, Mr Gilmour busies himself performing the occasional concert and if this DVD is anything to go by, they are pretty special concerts.

The man in charge of this particular Meltdown was the legendary Robert Wyatt whom some of you may remember from bands such as Soft Machine.  Many Pink Floyd ‘tunes’ are performed including Comfortably Numb where Mr Wyatt lends a vocal, and other songs including ones by Syd Barrett, Richard Thomson and even Bizet.

Although you may have thought a Gilmour solo gig was basically David with an acoustic guitar, he does in fact pick up the electric for those bits that just need electric.  And it is not just him on stage; A dozen singers including Sam Brown, Michael Kamen (piano, English horn), Chucho Merchan (double bass), Neill MacColl (guitar, vocals), Nic France (drums, percussion), Dick Parry (saxophone) and the amazing Caroline Dale (cello) are there as his backing band.  It is a joy to watch Caroline’s deft finger work on that cello especially during High Hopes.

The Meltdown gig takes the lion’s share of the DVD but there is also some footage of a separate 2002 Royal Festival Hall concert featuring guest appearances by Bob Geldof and Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright.

In other sections of the DVD there is a home movie of rehearsals filmed by David’s partner Polly Samson, Spare Digits which is basically footage of the shows concentrating on close ups of Gilmour’s guitar playing (for those budding Floydian guitarists),a choral version of High Hopes, Lyrics to all the songs performed plus footage from appearances with Mica Paris and Jools Holland (1992), a track from Leiber and Stoller tribute concert in 2001 and a rendition of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18.  And if you get bored you can play with the 5.1 sound tester which amounts to white noise being directed through each of your set-up’s speakers.  Not that you are likely to get bored – Gilmour’s performance is excellent.

Technical Aspects

Picture and sound quality is excellent.  Direction and camerawork is suave and classy and very much at one with the performance. 

We understand that an early European pressing was reported to have minor problems on a couple of tracks in Dolby 5.1 mode.  Our copy was fine (and it was one of the first) and we would imagine that EMI have isolated and corrected the problem with that particular pressing plant.

Package features

The DVD has a fully animated menu from which can be accessed the sections and tracks within the sections at will.

The DVD sleeve provides full listings.

The DVD is multi-region PAL format, 16:9 anamorphic screen ratio, with selectable Dolby© Digital 5.1/stereo.


A Pink Floyd concert minus Pink Floyd and the fireworks.  David Gilmour In Concert is very watchable over and over again and the use of cello and double bass makes for some great versions of well-known Floyd classics.  Shine on…

Jem Jedrzejewski

Dave Gilmour




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