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DFA - Work In Progress Live

DFA - Work In ProgressItalian band DFA have been receiving rave reviews since their fist album was released back in 1997.  Work In Progress Live, DFA’s latest, recorded at NEARfest 2000 (released June 2001) has in particular received wide critical acclaim, so we decided to check it out.

DFA is not noticeably influenced by other bands so comparisons are difficult.  Their form of complex prog fusion is not at the expense of melody.  Sometimes spacey, often hypnotic, definitely jazzy the music is fresh vibrant and modern yet has the quality associated with quality 70’s old school prog.  Imagine a cross between Gentle Giant, Focus, Steve Hillage and Alan Holdsworth and you’d still be off the mark.  It’s not all ‘in your face’ stuff – there is plenty of more relaxed symphonic prog in between the jazz/prog fusion breaks!  The ever present, thumping is not the right word, bass gives the listener something to ‘hold’ onto or focus on whilst the drumming sometimes takes a tangential path leaving keys and guitar to alternate as navigators.  Throughout, it is all deliciously tight, rhythmic and complex yet never loses the plot.

Highly inventive and highly recommended.

Jem Jedrzejewski





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