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Demons & Wizards - Touched By The Crimson King

Demons & Wizards - Touched By The Crimson KingFive years after the first release of their debut self titled album, Demons & Wizards return with Touched By The Crimson King. This band is a project between Blind Guardian's Hansi Kursch and Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer, and after the success of the first album, this new album released at the end of June 2005 is packed full of raw power metal and atmospheric instrumental passages.

Hansi Kursh handles the vocals, and he has a distinct voice reaching several high notes and other low tones too, while Jon Schaffer is the guitarist. Jon's playing is precise as he performs rhythm, bass, lead and acoustic, and the sounds he creates are the perfect match to Hansi's vocals.

Forty-nine minutes and ten tracks make up this album, and kicking off with the Crimson King, the band are straight into the double-bass drum machine gun sort of sound, with the guitar power riffs layered above them.

Forth track Seize The Day is a gentle song, compared with the opening three, and it is a ballad type song, with a nice guitar solo towards the end. The chants of the title ring out as the song plods on until the end.

Track six, Love's Tragedy Asunder, has the start of another gentle ballad, with the acoustic guitar and strings, before the heavy riffs appear again, and for me is the albums strongest song.

Final track is a cover of the Led Zeppelin classic, Immigrant Song, and is not a bad attempt at all. It flows just like the original, but sadly the vocals are a shade down from the Robert Plant version we all know.

This is a good release with some nice passages, and it should gain respect in the sales field, but it should appeal to a lot of metal fans world-wide.

Danny Mayo

Demons & Wizards



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