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Daniel J - Losing Time

Daniel J - Losing TimeThe debut album from Daniel J is to be exact, an interesting talented piece of music. From the opening bars of the first track Black, which is a heavy plod in the classic rock sector, the rest of the album, is on the whole, a pleasurable listen.

First of all, this thirteen track opus clocks in at a generous sixty seven minutes, and this young musician plays nearly everything and also performs the vocals. Daniel's father (Jaroslav Jakubovic) guests on Tenor Saxophone on two tracks, whilst certain other musicians wade in periodically on guitars, bass and drums.

Daniel's voice reminds me of a Francis Dunnery crossed with John Mitchell, but to other people they might think a little different to my comparisons, but his vocals are strong enough to make the music flow very well in the overall mix.

Going back to the musicians, Dream Theater's keyboardist Jordan Rudess helps out on keyboards on three tracks, and plays a solo on two of the three, but as Jordan says in the sleeve notes, Daniel is one of the most talented people he has ever met, and he worked with Jordan on his very own solo album.

With the music, there is a strong influence of Dream Theater, combined with Metallica and splashes of modern airplay rock, but to pick out two tracks, seven and the closing one, they are the strongest ones in my opinion. Track seven All The Same For You is a nice gentle ballad, which could make a good single, and the sax brings extra life into it.

Final track, Rush, well, if you have a spare ten minutes, you must hear this one for sure. The slow build up and Daniel's flowing vocals, the soft keys, and finally closing with the classic power riffs in the Dream Theater vein, complete with the solo keyboard break from Jordan is the icing on this cake no doubt. Rush is one of the best songs I have heard this year!

To summarise it all, it is hard to believe that this is a debut album, it is well produced and performed, and worth every penny in anyone's currency, and it is a must for fans of Dream Theater and Metallica.

Danny Mayo

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