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D-Koy - So Dependant

D-Koy - So DependantD-Koy are back (in upper case this time) with their latest EPCD, So Dependant.  Sam Hyman (bass), Seb Greenfield (guitar/vocals) and new permanent drummer Jimmy Milne have been pushing the envelope since the last release..

This latest EPCD was recorded etc. in London.  Our copy is an early version consisting of three tracks but we understand that an enhanced six track version is due to be released featuring video footage** for the opening track What Scares You?, which was filmed at Leeds University.  The chaps also have a DVD available which was recorded at The Snooty Fox, Wakefield in July 2004 and was, in fact, the band's first gig with Jimmy on drums.

The chaps are on great form here and literally tight as a gnat's whatsit. It has occurred to me that the band format is basically that of those 80's icons, The Police (of Roxanne, Message In A Bottle etc. fame).  Some of the ideas in What Scare's You? have a The Police element but less 'poppy'.  So Dependent is altogether more aggressive but by no means plain.  The vocals at times take on a sort of Beastie Boys style, but the overal D-Koy sound still lies in that Porcupine Tree-come-Police area.

The aforementioned tracks are very good but No Need To Stare just about comes out tops in my book.  As on the others, the individual performances of the players cannot be faulted; indeed, there is some rather nifty work going on there.  The contrasts within the song are deliciously distinct, perhaps just a tad more so than the others, though, as I said, they are all good.

I do hope that D-Koy will release that all-important debut album before too long now that they seem to have well and truly found their footing.  I suspect, however, that the band are going to make a real name for themselves as a live act.

[Copies of this CD and other merchandise can be obtained by emailing the band in the first instance at

**We have since learned that the video footage that was to be included on the enhanced version did not meet the band's requirements in the end and so will not be included.

Jem Jedrzejewski




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