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The Carl Palmer Band, The Robin 2, Bilston, 20th May 2004 And Oakwood, Rotherham, 22nd May 2004

The Carl Palmer BandCarl Palmer graced the stage with stunning performances at the two above venues.  Joining Carl on bass was the technical genius Dave Marks who throughout the two nights played with great ease on the headless six-string.  On guitar was as Carl put it, the new member of the band Paul Bielatowicz, who again on the two nights played very well indeed.

The Carl Palmer BandOpening with The Barbarian from the first ELP outing, it was then clear how different the sound was without the keyboards.  But with many effects and reverbs on Paulís guitar and Daveís bass, it had to be said just how many sounds are out there to be heard.

The Carl Palmer BandHoedown got the crowd clapping and jumping around, and Paulís playing on this both times was excellent, along with the next song Trilogy.  Such gems as Toccata from Brain Salad Surgery, and from the Works albums L.A Nights and Enemy God just streamed out around the venues.

The Carl Palmer BandCarl took a little break to leave Paul and Dave on their own, and The Flight Of The Bumble Bee was played featuring Paulís fingers in knots on the fret-board, and it was amazing how fast it was played.  Dave Marks then went into his own song Whales, which is like Chris Squireís The Fish, but so many sounds and effects were used on this number.  Then a nice solo in The Police song Message In A Bottle with great playing and technical ability silenced the crowd.

Tarkus got a massive cheer, with Carlís incredibly fast but precise drumming, and all his kit was then used on the last song of the set, Fanfare For The Common Man.   An excellent solo from Carl during Fanfare, sticks flying all around the golden kit, tambourine too, cow bells you name it, it was struck.

The Carl Palmer BandThe Carl Palmer BandThe band then took an exit off the stage, only to come back to play Carmina Burana (the Old Spice advert if anyone doesnít know it!) and that was it.  Two great nights of stunning playing.  Carl has done it, got the t-shirts etc, but Dave and Paul are two young men with a great future in front of them.

A legend in his own right, Iím sure Carl will continue for many years.  The Carl Palmer Band just gets better.

Danny Mayo


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