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Clutch - Robot Hive / Exodus

Clutch - Robot Hive / ExodusThe follow-up to their last album Blast Tyrant, Robot Hive / Exodus firmly implants Clutch as one of the most talented hard rock bands making music today. With wildly creative songs that feature amazing musicianship and thought-provoking lyrics, Robot Hive / Exodus confirms Clutch's hard rock legend status. This seventh album from Clutch is based on the old blues style, and is well produced.

Fourteen tracks span over fifty-four minutes and nearly forty seconds, and their music flows in a way like nineties legends Masters Of Reality performed in their heyday. The Led Zeppelin type riffs flow through every song, while the vocals remind me in places of Faith No More's Mike Patton.

Opening number The Incomparable Mr Flannery is a cross between mid-seventies Zeppelin meets the Sweet Home Alabama sort of sound, but the boogie side of the band kicks in just after the minute mark.

Pulaski Skyway is the fifth track, and a slower plod type song, but the heavy Zeppelin riffs hit the front. The strange title of the seventh track 10001110101 [assuming it is binary code, it translates to the number 1141 but not a clue what that refers to, if anything. - Ed] opens with the organ sound before the vocals set in and take the song to a different angle, but this song tells a story and it is for me is the albums highlight.

The 'Floyd' like track twelve Land Of Pleasant Living has the organ humming away while the ghost-like vocals mull over them. The heavy riffs reappear again in the chorus lines, and make this a great song. Final track is a cover of Howlin' Wolf's Who's Been Talking?, and is a fine version too.

This is the ideal 'driving' CD with the heaviness of the guitars and the throaty vocals, and should be a winner in the hard-rock market.

Danny Mayo




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