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Clearlight - Infinite Symphony

Clearlight - Infinite SymphonyInfinite Symphony is one of those albums where you find yourself fully locked into the music, and after many plays, it still retains the magical moments of when you heard it for the first time.

Spread over six movements, the tracks average around the ten minute mark each, and on this version, there is a bonus track which is a radio edit of the third movement, plus when you place it into your PC, there are two MP3s and links to various websites under the Clearlight banner. The MP3's are a demo of the fifth movement, and a excerpt from the third movement.

Back to the CD side of things, total time is a generous near seventy minutes, and in the first few minutes, the Van Der Graaf Generator type saxophone blast comes into play. On the whole, it is very jazz like, and there are some great performances in the playing. The opus was composed by Cyrille Verdeaux who plays piano, Kurzwell 2600 and on the first Movement, the Moog Voyager too. The bass on all Movements is from Clearlight Music's main-man Dan Shapiro, who in fact had a hand in composing the third movement with Cyrille.

It is instrumental for the majority of the time, but some vocals are from Shaun Guerin who plays drums on all of the album. Shaun sings on the third Movement which, for me is the highlight of the whole affair, and his vocals give it a sort of Genesis feel. The lyrics were inspired by a Finnish poem called Kavelava, and they are very moving, such as sailing away to find your destiny. There is a lot of atmosphere in the sound too, and a few instruments which are involved frequently give it the 'Symphony' tag, but the sax stands out well, and is shared by Didier Malherbe, Cory Wright and Richard Hardy. Electric Violins too make a appearance, along with flutes, tin whistles, Tabla drums, Doudouk and clarinet.

This is a pleasing album, and worth a listen for anyone's ears. It is a nice composition and a nice changing theme throughout, a worthwhile addition to anyone's collection.

Danny Mayo



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