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Byzantine - ...And They Shall Take Up Serpents

Byzantine - ...And They Shall Take Up SerpentsThe second full album from Byzantine comes complete with a web link and guitar tabs for the whole album, and the latest release from this band is a fine example of power metal today.

A shade over 48 minutes and ten tracks guide you down many different paths, but their main bread and butter is power metal. The rising guitar riffs and solos combined with the deep throaty vocals are prominent, but there are some nice gentle touches such as a piano and also a female voice.

For me tracks three, five and six stand out from the rest with their melodic values, and it must be said that Byzantine are quite unique in their style.

The three piece band consists of Tony (guitars, bass) Oj (vocals, piano and guitars) and Wolfe (drums, acoustic guitar) and between them they make a powerful noise.

Going back to the three tracks I mentioned, Jeremiad (track 3) is layered with melody, and combined with the double bass drum thud and guitar solos, make this a notable track. Temporary Temples (track 5) has the piano which gives this track a nice edge too, while the melody continues in track six, The Madness Continues.

This is a good album from the thrash power metal camp, and should sell a few copies world-wide, and for more information, follow the link below.

Danny Mayo



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