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Brody - Torn from A Warm Place

Brody - Torn from A Warm PlaceThere’s a band from Leeds UK, a few decibels from HHH HQ, which is causing quite a stir on the heavy metal scene in the UK.  Heavy metal?  Yes, but… and it’s a big BUT.  Read on…

The guitarist, Tom Allen, and bassist, Dan North, are no strangers to the Hairless Heart Herald.  You might recall the names from our recent review of Sear.  However, with a need to metaphorically let their hair down, Tom and Dan joined forces with Matthew Duggan (vocals) and Ric White to form Brody.

Torn from A Warm Place is their new 20-minute four track EPCD due for release later in October 2003 with a launch party/gig set for 1st November at Joseph’s Well, Leeds.

The music is certainly heavy, but it’s not of the in-your-face variety of heavy metal.  Heavy guitar riffs and manic power drumming and bass combination are often interrupted with short calmer passages like the unimaginable mix of an alternative rock band with the heavier early 70’s approach of Jethro Tull.  So it is not without some elements of prog in the arrangements with sudden changes in intensity.

Vocals are slightly strained which adds to the feeling of alternative rock, but they work.  Dio type vocals would be too cliché anyway. 

Metal heads are certain to love this CD but it will also be of interest to those into the heavier side of prog.  The opening track, Fallout, can be downloaded from Brody’s website (link below) but the other three tracks are a lot proggier.  You’ll just have to wait for the release to find out!

Jem Jedrzejewski



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