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Bandvivil - Junaokissei

Bandvivil - JunaokisseiFrom Japan, Bandvivil have produced a fine example of instrumental music. Released on the French label Musea, this near seventy minute opus is in two different parts,  Vivid and Evil. Each part is split into eight sections (thus sixteen tracks in total!), and this trio gives you the impression of many styles and twists and turns.

On the comparison side of things, I could pick out dashes of mid period King Crimson, Brand X, Led Zeppelin and a touch of early King's X too. On later tracks, there is a strong Jazz fusion feel, and you could be mistaken that you have the wrong CD in the player with the many styles on offer. To pigeonhole this offering, is very hard, it leads you into thinking you have a compilation album with no vocals, but on the other hand, the musicianship is faultless.

Leader of the band is guitarist Issei Takami, and he is joined on bass Naoki Sawada and on percussion Jun Isobe, and these three men just rock all day long. From what I can piece together, it seems they have thrown all their influences in a big pot and this is the result. With other styles such as blues, funk and even heavy metal, the album just rises and glides along. To pinpoint a favourite track or section, is very hard as there are many different jigsaw pieces, but W.P, Chili Mens Ballade and Strange Smoke grabbed my attention.

Junaokissei is a well produced album, with many styles. It will be interesting to see what direction the band offer us next with their next release, but as far as this one goes, it is a musical maze. You can't dislike it at all, you just have to admire the musicianship, and enjoy what you hear.

Danny Mayo





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