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Audience At Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, 7th October 2004

The venue, a disused ferry anchored on the south bank of the river Clyde. The small stage is positioned at one end of where the cars originally parked. The addition of a glass dome over the upper decks created a gallery surrounding the lower deck, giving a splendid vantage point to view Werth, Gemmell, Williams, and Fisher collectively known as Audience.

Audience last played in Glasgow over 30 years ago, in fact they last played anywhere before this tour, over 30 years ago. The audience (the paying ones) numbering less than 100 seemed to be a mixture of die hard fans from the distant past and ones introduced to audience in later years by compilation albums and fanatic friends.

The set list was much the same as the Wolverhampton gig. From Howard Werth's first utterance you knew you had come to the right place. Before the gig I wondered how Howard Werth 's voice would sound after all these years. Within a heartbeat you knew, it was the same not so much a voice but another instrument in the group's armoury, handled by a master. This is not to say he overshadowed the others, Keith Gemmell effortlessly changed from sax to clarinet to flute back to sax, while changing effects. Trevor Williams, looked casual grinning at the other members, laying down a cast iron rhythm, with an occasional lead guitar like excursion with dramatic use of a fuzz box.

This was no cold exercise in precision performance, mistakes were made, Keith had some programming problems with the effects box, Howard fluffed a couple of times during Ravilole. Who cares! This was a warm friendly, intimate gig with friends. This was live music as it should be. This was beautiful music played by superb musicians. Was it really two hours, it didn't seem so, it seemed to end so quickly, the punters were calling for their other favourites, Indian Summer, Eye to Eye, but it had to end at some point.

After they packed up, the band present themselves at the bar and chatted with the well satisfied crowd of fans, some presenting LP covers for signature, other buying the CDs on sale, all greeted with smile an chat from the band called Audience.

The unique vocals, acoustic guitar, wah wah sax, distorted base and thumping drums combining to give that unique Audience sound and feel, what is it Art Rock, Progressive Rock, Electric Folk? I don't know how to categorise it other than bloody magic.

I got the impression this was not just a one off tour of a few dates but a 'lets see what happens' type of thing. Maybe this will work out and we will hear more from this unique quartet. Lets hope so.





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