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At War With Self - Torn Between Dimensions

At War With Self - Torn Between DimensionsAt War With Self is a strange name for a band you might say, but this trio led by the talented Glenn Snelwar is his brainchild and this debut album is easy to listen to, and is very well put together. Strangely too it's a instrumental album, and on certain tracks you are finding yourself waiting for a voice to arrive on the scene, but take nothing away, it works as a instrumental very well.

Fifty minutes and ten tracks is what you get, and there are many influences contained within these songs. Track five is Coming Home, and gives a fine example of the instruments on offer. Glenn plays guitar, mandolin and keyboards, and is joined on fretless bass and e-bow by Michael Manring and the drum stool is taken by Fates Warning's Mark Zonder.

These three musicians create a nice sound, and is what you would expect from a trio, but the fretless sticks out in the mix, which is a notable pleasure, and in many ways, Torn Between Dimensions could be described as a concept album. The production is second to none, and with many sounds and styles mixing King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, a little jazz and Latin make this album stand out.

Fans of non-vocal music will make their own minds up, but Crimson fans will find a slot in their collections for it. The fifty minutes soon go by, and has you reaching for the play button again.

Danny Mayo

Glen Snelwar

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