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Artifex - Artifex

Artifex - ArtifexFrom Sweden, Magnus Östborg (bass) Gustav Almlof (drums) and Kristofer Dahl (guitar) also known as Artifex, have this album available on download on their website (see web-link below), and the eleven tracks clock in at a shade over forty minutes.

With so many good Swedish musicians and bands around today, it seems the dark nights are made to make good music, and the quality speaks for itself on this CD. There are many influences, but I could pick out the Rush sound in certain songs, and the King Crimson input on the jazz type songs.

Entirely instrumental except for the final track, which is a bonus track called Disarmed in which David Ahlund handles the vocals, the music is a mixture of many styles. You could say this is a jam session in which the trio just turn up and play, but on the other hand when you delve inside the music, you find some intelligent passages that make you want to listen more.

On balance, there is a lot of jazz fusion mixed with a little thrash metal from time to time. Blazing Saddles is the albums comedy party piece with the 'Western' style sound from the guitar, which is faultless throughout. These musicians could join any band and play to their full potential within. Just check their website where there are samples to the solos. And don't miss the bass solos which are worth checking out too - very Jonas Reingold in many tracks.

This is a fine example of music, and is very enjoyable as it has many passages and changes, well worth a listen on the link below.

Danny Mayo




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