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Ant Glynne Charity Concert, CRS Rotherham 29th June 2002


Tonight’s show was billed as a Charity event for Ant Glynne who is Rick Walkman’s guitar player for the English Rock Assemble, and with a very good turn out and a nice top prize from the raffle being John Jowitt’s bass of which he used at the Mean Fiddler show for the Lens, and with a load of famous names autographed on it too, a very handsome prize indeed!

Just turned 7:30 after doors open, appeared Damian Wilson and his band of merry men to warm us up. He played a nice selection of songs, and with one of best voices you will ever hear, he should be part of a `big band` playing to many thousands.

After Damian, all the way from sunny Glasgow was Abel Ganz. Now, the times I have seen Abel Ganz they seem to change line up like we change our clothes, but take nothing away from this fine band, they are knocking on the door of bigger things. For those of you that do not know this band, it was Alan Reed’s bread and butter before Pallas, and with a few fine albums to their credit, they are a name to remember.

Current line up consists of Hew Montgomery (keys + vocals), Davie Mitchell (guitars), Denis Smith (drums) and long standing Hugh Carter (bass, 12 string, flute, whistle and lead vocals), and they are moving towards a more Scottish folk sort of sound.  Tonight they played three classic songs, plus a new one, Looking For A Platform, which was well received by the crowd, but the song, which everyone says is the Abel Ganz song, is The Dead Zone. This was 3rd on the set, and it took the roof off.  They opened with The Dangers Of Strangers the title track from the album with the same name, and it was followed by The Pretender both songs were familiar with some of the crowd, and from tonight's performance, it will not be long before they are playing to our overseas friends!

Now, after the raffle (see above!) IQ hit the stage, and after another opening which was well conjured up, they burst into The Wrong Side Of Weird. Most of the set was material from The Seventh House and when they played the title track, the whole place was entertained to what is and what will be in my opinion IQ’s finest moment. This seems to get better and better every time it is performed.  Making a fine reappearance was `The Darkest Hour` from the `Ever` album, but the highlight for many people was Speak My Name featuring some fine (not!) guitar sounds from Mike Holmes. From the same album, Subterranea was aired once again, as it is a song to get everyone bouncing along to. Closing the set was The Narrow Margin and it is a great song to end a show with featuring the now famous IQ rear screen with several images cracking off all around.

We were then treated to a peep of the band backstage doing a kind of `Incantation` bottle blowing pipes sort of sound and generally messing it up, but the lads appeared once again and got us bouncing along to N.T.O.C. (Resistance) and then one of the best songs from the Subterranea album Failsafe was performed next.

Closing the great night was the all time (??) classic Crazy Horses, and it was a pity it had to end but that’s another story.

It was a memorable night, and we even had John Wetton in the crowd too, and it was a nice touch to donate the money to a good cause. We at the Hairless Heart wish Ant a speedy recovery.

Danny Mayo


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