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Amara (Demo)

Amara (Demo)Amara are an interesting quartet who have produced some fine ideas on this demo which contains five tracks. With the straight forward classic line up of guitar (Juan Caceres) bass (Jamie Villescas) and drums (Ryan Stabach) they perform an exciting sound. Lead vocalist Leo Alaniz has a unique kind of voice which in places goes soft then much harder on the heavier sounding attack type riffs.

Just twenty minutes give you a good example of what Amara are about, a delicate mix of influences of Rush, Marillion, Metallica and Dream Theater, and combined with many twists, turns and tape effects which put a nice shine on their whole sound.

There are some more songs including the five on offer here on their website at the foot of the page, and are well worth a listen. Juan is a fine guitar player, and with many changes during the songs with riffs and chords, underlines that fact.

I've picked out the forth track on the demo entitled Gift which is a clever mix of tape effects and acoustic guitar, but combined with the slide guitar sound, puts a Arabian feel to the whole opus. The gentle harmonies glide you along and make you wonder what is going to happen next.

As said, this is a demo, but I would be interested to hear the end product on album to get the full effect. But nevertheless, this is a good effort and is worth checking out.

Danny Mayo




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